Shopping for furniture online can be not only convenient, but also economical. It all depends on what strategies we use and what we pay attention to. When shopping online, we are not limited to local shops, so we can take advantage of the offer of shops from all over the country and even from abroad. This allows us to compare prices for the same or similar product in many places and choose the most favourable ones. Entering the phrases ‘sale’, ‘promotion’ or ‘bargain’ into a shop’s search engine can immediately result in lower prices.

Many online shops offer discounts to new customers or for signing up to a newsletter. This is a great opportunity to save money on furniture purchases. It is also worth keeping an eye on the shops’ social media profiles, where information about promotions or discount codes is often published. By signing up to the newsletter, not only will you receive discounts, but you will also be kept up to date with news and sales.

Comparing prices and taking advantage of cashback

When buying furniture online, it is crucial to use price comparison sites. This is how we can find the shop offering a particular product at the lowest price. However, remember to also take into account the shipping cost – this varies from shop to shop. It is not uncommon for a shop with a lower price for a piece of furniture to have higher delivery costs.

Another way to save is cashback services, which refund part of the amount spent on purchases. It’s a simple principle: you shop through a cashback platform and the amount you get back in your wallet depends on the cashback percentage of the shop in question. You can use the money you save in this way for your next purchases.

Buying second-hand furniture

When you decide to buy second-hand furniture, you can really save a lot. On various auction portals or classifieds websites, you can find furniture in very good condition at much lower prices. However, it is worth bearing in mind a few rules. First of all, pay attention to the photos – they should be clear and show the furniture from different sides. If the description is too sparse, do not hesitate to ask the seller for additional information.