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Frequent questions from customers throughout Long Island.

Frequent Questions

What is the cost of a website?

Infinity develops completely custom websites. Every site has unique needs and the amount of work varies greatly between each project. Because of this, we quote every website individually. Some factors that impact cost are: the site's overall size and number of pages, imagery, animation, shopping carts and order processing, programming and functionality, and search engine optimization (to name a few).

How long does it take to create a new website?

Once the project quote is accepted and deposit is received, Infinity provides a detailed project timeline so customers know when their website will go live. Typically, smaller sites of 1 – 5 pages are up and running in approximately 3 weeks. Medium size sites of 10 – 20 pages may sometimes take 3 – 5 weeks, depending on how quickly the customer can provide imagery, content, and direction for the site overall. Turnaround for sites of 20 pages or more are determined on a case by case basis.

How do I get my website to come up on Google?

Infinity Websites & Print implements the very best practices for getting your site to come up on Google. This is also known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. We offer white-hat SEO semantics and design your site to be a leading web resource for visitors. Our SEO approach is designed to not only get your site on Google, but to keep it there over the long-run.

There are two types of results that come up in a Google search: organic and paid. The organic results are shown in the main middle section of the page. The paid results are those in the narrow right column.

Infinity works to get the best “organic” search results possible for your website. We understand what search engines respond to, but we don’t use manipulative techniques to push your site to the top of results. This is important if you want your site to be a long-term contender in top search results! Google is constantly on top of the latest tricks that web developers use to push sites to the top of results. Manipulative techniques can easily backfire and possibly cause your website to be banned all together from Google searches.

The following describes practices used by Infinity to get your site optimized for Google:

1. We research keywords and others competing for the same keyword(s).
2. We develop good content. That is, content that is authentically useful and relevant for the end-user.
3. Websites are set up to have the best page architecture, proper XHTML structure using CSS for presentational content.
4. We include specific and relevant page titles.
5. We name links descriptively.
6. We include image “alt” attributes.

A website with truly good content and a great user experience will naturally gather links back to it’s site and increase in search results over time. The goal is to have a site that people genuinely find useful and want to revisit and recommend to others!

What is Search Engine Optimization, or S.E.O.?

See question above, “How do I get my website to come up on Google”?

What is a website host and why do I need one?

A host is the server that “serves” your web pages to internet viewers. In other words, it’s the place your web pages are stored and then published online.

How do I get my email address to match my domain name?

Infinity Websites & Print will help customers set up an email account once a domain is purchased.

Can Infinity create a custom website, and then offer an easy way for me to edit and update content myself?

Yes! Infinty offers the option for a Content Management System (CMS) so customers can edit and update content themselves.

Can the new website include reports on how many hits it receives?

Yes! Infinity offers the option to include analytics to track visitors. Reports are easy to read and understand. In addition to the number of hits, analytics provide specifics on visitor traffic (referring websites and how people found your site, keywords used to find your site, etc.)