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Online Marketing

Too Much or Too Little?

Today in business (especially since the rise of the internet) you might think it's easier to get the attention of your target customers. Modern technology, social media and online applications provide a quick and easy way to publish information.

However, competing for the attention of your customers has actually become harder in some ways. There are so many businesses competing for the attention of consumers. Businesses are forced to keep up on every platform (i.e., Social Media Marketing, Website Search Engine results, Networking, Print Advertising, E-mail Campaigning, etc.). If you're not doing anything, or showing up in these areas, your competition probably is.

To add to the challenge, consumers are absolutely inundated with information. Mobile devices have only increased the excess of information, and it’s only going to increase even more.

How does a business stand out when everyone is standing out? Businesses not only compete with competitors, but with every single business out there.

Yet another fact to consider is that consumers are becoming more and more concerned with privacy, and learning how to filter unwanted solicitation. Finding the right balance of how to keep up, stay on top of current marketing strategies, but - not going too far, has become an art form.

As a result, it's important to plan a unique marketing strategy. Take an assertive approach without over-doing it. Be known and visible when someone is looking for services. While we do encourage and promote Social Media Networking, Advertising and E-mail Campaigning, be sure it’s on a very consumer-conscious level.

Here are several tips to keep in mind:

  1. In general, don't be too pushy
  2. Learn and follow spam laws and regulations, as well as a white-hat SEO marketing approach
  3. Avoid an over-the-top sales pitch
  4. State the facts and get to the point. You have mere seconds to grab and hold viewer attention.
  5. Remember that with all the technology and resources in the world, human referrals are still your best sales reps.