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When It Comes To SEO, Do Things the White Way

When it comes to search engine optimization for your website, it’s always best to do things the “white” way. White-hat strategies for improving your sites visibility in a search, will always work out best in the long run. Using illicit, (aka: black-hat strategies) can lead to your website being completely removed from search engine indexes all together. Your site could be automatically detected as spam, and it may no longer show up in Google search results.

Here are some white-hat guidelines provided by Google:

  1. Create and submit an XML sitemap file with links that point to the pages of your site. There are several free online tools that generate XML sitemaps that you can add to your site and submit to Google.
  2. Create useful, engaging and relevant content
  3. Make sure your page title tags and image attributes tags are descriptive and accurate.
  4. Use HTML5 to best define your page hierarchy and the type of content it represents.
  5. Keep your most important content visible without having to click or expand a section. For example, you might have navigation items that expand open when clicked. Google is able to crawl and detect these items, but it considers this content to be less important since it’s less accessible to the user.

To read more about specific guidelines and basic principles, read the full article from Google here.

A few principles they may have forgotten to mention however, are patience, diligence and persistence. Developing truly useful content for your site takes time, research and effort. Most people are looking for a quick fix these days. They don’t want to wait, or invest the time and energy it takes to develop truly good content.

A lot of SEO companies promise or guarantee page “one” results if a company pays them a monthly fee. But there is really no way to guarantee page one results. Especially on a short-term basis (i.e., 3-6 months). It’s not magic.

SEO companies can make improvements and add content, but they can’t force a page to the top. It’s ok to pay an SEO company to manage your content if they are actively making specific updates to the site each month, but you should get a list of specifics before you start, and be weary of contracts that lock you in to monthly payments

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