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Hire a Professional Web Designer

When it comes to your business website, it’s worth ditching the “do-it-yourself” design and outsourcing to a web design professional. Your website is a long term investment and will greatly impact your image and identity. A professional website developer can also help with search visibility, and convert visitors into customers.

Here are some insights to consider, and what you should look for when working with a web professional.

The Message

Determine the essential message you want to convey. Figure out what you need to say – and who you are saying it to.


A good web designer will give your message structure through emphasis.

web design emphasis


Look for a balanced design that has equal visual weight throughout the elements on a page.


Keep your elements lined up (type, graphics, photos, etc.)


This is the order that the eye follows throughout the page. Visitors will read through your page in the pattern you have designed. A good web design will have an intuitive flow and visually direct viewers through the information on the page.


A good web designer will also use the right contrast to enhance your message and add interest. Contrast can be accomplished through size, color, bold to thin lettering, etc.

web design contrast


Repeating an element in your design gives it unity and ties it together.


Invest in professional photography. Even if they are stock photos. Images play a key role in your message and have a big impact.


Color choices should enhance and compliment your message. They should reflect the industry your are in, and follow the tone of your message.


A huge faux pa among armature web designers is using multiple fonts throughout the site. Stick to two fonts only. Typically, your two fonts should contrast (don’t choose fonts that look too similar!) As a rule of thumb, if your header font is a bold sans serif font, then body text should be a non-bold, serif font. While there are always exceptions to the rules - it’s best to follow to the rules, until you know when it’s ok the break them.

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