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Understanding Google AdWords

Google AdWords provides a way for websites to appear in a web search for a given keyword or keyphrase. AdWords users pay a small fee, for each click their website link receives.

AdWords links appear in the highlighted sections shown in this figure:

google adwords

In addition to website URL links, Google AdWords allows you to create visual web banner ads to include on websites that participate as a Google AdWords provider. For example:

In this case, JetBlue is using AdWords on a website that participates as a Google AdWords provider (Greatist).

AdWords web banner example

Google AdWords allows you to research specific keywords and keyphrases. It also allows you to manage ads within your account, select your target audience by demographics and evaluate your ad performance. If you've ever used Facebook advertising, Google AdWords works in a similar way. It's a great way to get visitors to your website.

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