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How to Get Your Website on Google

Optimizing your website to come up in a Google search is called "Search Engine Optimization" or "S.E.O.". Of course, most businesses want to come up in top results in a Google search. There are both ethical and unethical approaches to Search Engine Optimization. And although the unethical approaches offer a tempting chance for a quick burst to the top, the ethical approach triumphs in long-term, consistent results over the course of time.

Essentially, it all comes down to content - good, quality content that users find genuinely useful and interesting.

So instead of asking, "How can I get my site on Google", ask yourself , "How can I provide the best, most interesting and useful information on the subject of my profession"... "What will draw people to want to learn more"... "What unique and creative information can I provide, that noone else has"?

Besides textual content, think about imagery, info-graphics, figures, illustrations, references, links, videos, etc. How can you make content interesting, or even funny? How can you make it "sharable".

Once you've conceptualized and created unique content, now it's up to your web developer to incorporate the website content in an organized, easy-to-navigate manner. Your web developer should carefully write the web pages with clear and sensible HTML5 heirarchy (headers, navigation, sections, articles, paragraphs, figures, images, etc.). Be sure phone numbers, contact information and directions are easily accessible. Make sure there are no broken links on the site.

Once the quality content is created, and incorporated within a semantically correct page, your website will increase in results. Instead of obsessing over the latest Google algroithm update, it's far more important to continually add quality content. This will naturally and organically increase your search results.

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