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Serving Nassau County & Suffolk County, Long Island, we create outstanding email marketing campaigns for businesses of all types and sizes.

Email Marketing

Long Island Email Marketing Company -
Infinity Websites and Print

Email marketing is a highly affordable and effective way to reach customers. Create monthly promotional emails for wide-spread distribution with Infinity Websites and Print. We custom design your e-mail promotion template or newsletter and help you select an external email service provider. We’ll also help to set up your distribution list and send the email message once the campaign is set up.

We don't just create a one-time email campaign. Our set up includes creating templates in an account you can easily manage and update. Plus, track visitors to evaluate and analyze the performance of each email campaign. Account managers can see how many viewers opened the message, how many viewers shared or forwarded it, how many times your links were clicked, and much more.

To learn more about email marketing and how to get started, Contact Infinity Websites and Print today!

email marketing